Does Generation Z prefer to have fun online?

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 15. 10:26

In 2024, partying will enter a new dimension: daytime parties are increasingly popular both domestically and internationally. Young people and young adults, as well as the older generation, are increasingly opening up beyond the traditional framework of nightlife and are looking for opportunities for entertainment during daylight hours. What are the advantages of daytime parties, how is it different from night parties and how do different generations of society react to it? Overview of Instant-Fogas.

A daytime party, also known as a daytime party, is an event or event that takes place during the day, usually in the morning or afternoon. These parties are often more relaxed and have a lighter atmosphere, in contrast to the traditional intensity of night parties. Daytime parties can take many forms, but in terms of trends, people are increasingly favoring daytime electronic music events, regardless of any style within the genre.

Updown Nightlife, which deals with night social life, made a research in 2019, which revealed that it is mainly early sleep and a fatigue-free next day, the possibility of eating, the diversity of the environment, and the more relaxed and informal atmosphere that make them prefer daytime parties . Kansas City is not the only city in the United States where daytime parties are more popular, as Los Angeles, Phoenix, Washington DC and Atlanta also have a strong daytime party culture. Daytime parties have also gained ground in Europe in recent years.

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