The best series in the history of the VinAgora Wine Competition

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 06. 17. 11:31

5 large gold, 106 gold medals, 58 silver medals and 4 “the country's best wine”, 7 “best kind of wine” awards, “the most successful family winery” award, “the most successful young winemaker” award, and the ” new discovery of VinAgora.”


“It was hard, but very pleasant to be a judge at VinAgora this year: the best ones had to be chosen among a lot of excellent wines. The to many flawless, unique wines were almost embarrassing. I hav not met with such series yet, despiteI have been a in the jury several times, “- said one Hungarian member of the jury.

The VinAgora International Wine Competition was held in Budapest between 11 – 14 June. 549 entries were received from 18 countries, including Hungary Australia, Brazil, France, Lebanon, Peru, Morocco, Taiwan, Germany, Romania, Spain and Uruguay.

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