With the company’s new system, augmented and mixed reality, a smart TV platform, artificial intelligence and 5G telematics can also be added to cars

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 13. 08:28

LG Electronics (LG), a leading technology player in the mobility market, has released a new software package that will pioneer the transition to Software Defined Vehicles (SDV). The advanced user-centric solution called AlphaWare redefines the concept of the car and the user’s driving experience. The company presented the innovative software package at the AutoTech: Detroit event.

In his presentation at the Detroit conference, Valentin Janiaut, head of software solutions at LG’s vehicle parts business, talked about the transition to software-defined vehicles. According to the manager, we can already see the trend that vehicles are becoming an extension of people’s personal space, connecting them to work and rest – that is, the car is becoming much more than a simple means of transportation. LG’s new AlphaWare software package will play a central role in turning software vehicles into real “living spaces on wheels”, as the new solution provides a well-known user experience in the car similar to LG’s home entertainment electronics products.

The LG AlphaWare software suite consists of five solutions, all designed to enhance the travel experience. The entire package can be seamlessly integrated with various in-vehicle OEM systems, so vehicle manufacturers can provide passengers with home-like comfort and experience without any particular technical challenges.

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