Only 10 percent of the tourists are coming to Hungary to enjoy the spas

By: trademagazin Date: 2013. 06. 20. 10:55

Only third of the tourists coming to Budapest know that it is a famous spa town, and only 10 percent of them visits to Hungary specifically for this reason – Világgazdaság Online writes. The majority of foreign tourists go to a spa mainly, due to architectural treasures, not because of medical services.

The Commerce, Catering and Tourism Faculty Budapest Business School (BGF KVIK) held a professional symposium on the expected trends in domestic tourism. Melanie Smith, professor of the the BGF KVIK in her presentation highlighted, that while Hungary promotes itself abroad as the “Country spas” and Budapest as the “City of Spas as”, according to the survey, carried out by asking 102 foreign tourists of 19 countries only a third knew that our capital is a famous spa town, and only 10 percent have visited Hungary specifically because the spas.  (Világgazdaság Online)

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