Science is rewritten by AI

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 16. 08:49

Artificial intelligence (AI) appeared in Hungarian healthcare in the last decade. Despite the fact that patients and professionals still sometimes fear its use, its use is growing exponentially. We can meet algorithms in clinics and hospitals that can actually solve tasks, classify and group materials without human intervention – while the machine can continuously learn on its own.

“There is indeed a real danger that in thirty to fifty years’ time, if we develop machines that do the work for us, people will no longer want to think. However, there is no other solution: it is simply impossible to solve the daily work in the health sector often with human resources alone”

– said Prof. Dr. László Madácsy, head of the Endo-Kapszula Private Medical Center, President of the Endoscopy Section of the Hungarian Gastroenterology Society and head of the Artificial Intelligence Working Group. He added that patients in our country face long waiting lists, as there is a shortage of highly qualified specialists, and only MI can alleviate this in the long term.

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