Protecting egg-laying chickens is an investment that returns

By: Trademagazin Date: 2020. 11. 09. 15:00

Our magazine asked Dr Tamás Kertész, the owner of Farm Tojás Kft. – Hungary’s biggest egg company – whether battery or free range chicken farming is more environmental and better from an animal welfare perspective.

T.K.: – In battery farming the main priority is achieving maximum yield. It requires relatively few workers as production is automated. However, these days animal welfare, environmental protection and making quality products are becoming increasingly important for society. Thanks to this free range farming and other animal-friendly systems are gaining ground.

  1. M.: – What are these systems and what kind of advantages do they have?

T.K.: – Alternative chicken farming systems include the deep litter, free ranging and organic methods. These are similar in the sense that egg-laying chickens aren’t kept in cages, they can move around freely – just like back in the old days, when our grandmothers were breeding them. Chickens at farms like these feel better and thanks to this they produce eggs longer. This is also good for the environment, because less energy is used in farming, e.g. there is no need for lighting, cooling in the summer, etc. in poultry houses.


  1. M.: – Sustainability has become important in every field of life. How does animal-friendly breeding fit into this trend?

T.K.: Very well, as extensive production, treating chickens well, reduced energy use and making quality food products are all important elements of sustainability. Utilising more green energy and recyclable packaging materials can make production even more sustainable.

Szabadon tartott tyúkok

  1. M.:– What is the consumer opinion about eggs that come from animal-friendly farming?

T.K.: Retail chains do a lot for sustainability and have realised the importance of animal-friendly eggs too. More and more of these can be found on store shelves, although they are a bit more expensive, but they are more valuable as well! This year Farm Tojás Kft. was the first to put free range eggs on the market, and we are happy to report that demand is growing for the new product.


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