Agroinform held a conference on the experiences of soy cultivation

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 10. 25. 11:30

In order to increase our self-sufficiency and take advantage of our guaranteed GMO-free benefits, Sándor Farkas, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, encouraged Hungarian farmers to increase the areas under soybean cultivation at the Szója Agroinform webinar, which took place on Wednesday with nearly 500 participants.

The deputy minister said: this year, 170,000 tons of soybeans will be harvested on about 58,000 hectares, which meets only a fraction of domestic needs, and we still need to import about 500,000 tons of mostly genetically modified soybeans. The aim of the agricultural ministry is to create the greatest possible level of self-sufficiency, for which the support resources are available. In addition to the elements of the new support program related to field crop cultivation, Sándor Farkas highlighted that the amount of support for the cultivation of grain protein fodder plants has increased significantly, from 13 to 16 million euros. The production of processed soy products representing a higher added value will also be effectively supported by the development resources of at least HUF 400 billion earmarked until 2027 to support the investments of processing plants.

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