According to the hotel association, the number of days and apartments that can be rented in the community accommodation service should be limited

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 09. 13. 10:41
The Association of Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants (MSZÉSZ) urges the district or even capital city municipal regulation of community accommodation services. They would like to achieve a limit on the number of days that can be rented out, in addition to the fact that they think that the number of apartments that can be rented out should be maximized in 3 flats for individuals.

MSZÉSZ urges to limit spending on community accommodation

In its statement sent to MTI on Monday, MSZÉSZ emphasizes that last year’s amendment to the regulation made it possible to limit the number of days that can be issued at the municipal level, but they do not think this is the only way to create a balance with both residential communities and other market participants. Following the amendment of the regulation, the association set up a working group to summarize the multi-annual analyzes and look for the latest international good examples. (MTI)

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