Semmelweis University and the BioTechUSA company group together against eating disorders

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 02. 22. 12:05

With the support of the BioTechUSA group of companies, the Psychosomatics Department of the Institute of Behavioral Sciences of Semmelweis University implemented an innovative self-help program for family-based treatment of eating disorders over the past year and a half. It is a shocking fact that more people die from anorexia in the young age group than from any other mental illness. The recovery-supporting digital tool called Jól(l)észém was presented in the context of a press briefing by psychologists and psychiatrists contributing to the implementation of the program, and a closed workshop for coaches was also dedicated to the topic.

In 2022, the BioTechUSA company group supported Semmelweis University (SE) with an amount of almost HUF 5.5 million. The parties organized a joint event to publicly share the results of the support, which focused on eating disorders.

In the morning, the specialists of Semmelweis University, Dr. Ferenc Túry, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, former director of the SE Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Dr. György Purebl, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, SE professor and also director of the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, and Dr. Babusa Bernadett, presented to the press. clinical psychologist, assistant professor of SE Institute of Behavioral Sciences, created Jól(l)észym self-help program. During a conversation moderated by Virág Ferentzy-Kiss, the company’s brand and charity ambassador, the experts summarized why this initiative is groundbreaking, exactly who it is for and who the program is not recommended for. They answered the question of how the treatment using a digital tool can be effective enough and told which types of eating disorders should be used. They also discussed why it is crucial to involve the affected families in the treatment of eating disorders, what guided self-help means, the principle of which the program works on, and what the 10 topics are organized around. They also talked about the VR glasses and software purchased with the financial support of the BioTechUSA group of companies, which could be a new kind of additional therapeutic tool in the treatment of eating disorders. In the afternoon, an educational seminar was held for a limited number of coaches, where Dóra Nagy, the company’s education and sports team leader, asked the University’s staff.

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