Precision technology is a prerequisite for efficient agriculture

By: STA Date: 2023. 01. 18. 09:25

In the field of agriculture, precision farming is the future, one of the conditions for efficiency. A farmer who neglects development and the application of new technologies will definitely fall behind in the competition, stated Zsolt Feldman at the press conference announcing the PREGA Conference to be held on February 8-9.

(Photo: Pixabay)

According to the Secretary of State responsible for agriculture and rural development of the Ministry of Agriculture, the difficulties facing agricultural production, the strengthening of the European Union’s green standards and the unpredictability of the markets reinforce the necessity of technological renewal. Today, the transformation of the world’s agriculture is taking place at such a pace – the technological, market and generational era change – that those who fail to adapt and increase efficiency are at an irreparable competitive disadvantage, he said. That is why he called it essential that farmers react to these changes with the right expertise, the necessary adaptability, and openness. The PREGA Conference and Exhibition can help them with this, where they can get a complete picture of what digitization tools, innovative procedures and modern machines have appeared on the market, along with which strategies they should develop their economy.

Zsolt Feldman indicated: the government supports agricultural digitization and helps the implementation of precision developments

As a result, 2,618 applications received HUF 193 billion in support for the call for proposals entitled “Support for precision developments related to the digital transition of agriculture” published in 2021. In addition, in the new Common Agricultural Policy, training and personal counseling will be of even greater importance, primarily for small and medium-sized farms, since expanding the knowledge of farmers can ensure that they carry out resource-efficient farming as much as possible, thus protecting environmental values and complying with the EU green regulations and expectations. Bence Bolyki, the main organizer of PREGA, said at the press conference held at the Ócs site of Bio-Fungi Kft., which deals with mushroom cultivation, that the focus of the February 8-9 event is efficient agricultural production and the presentation of proven practices. As he put it, data-based digital solutions that provide decision support are now unavoidable, and conference visitors can learn about them firsthand.


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