Pizza was the the most popular food prder at Wolt during the Hungarian-Swiss match

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 17. 12:10

The Hungarian-Swiss EC match not only offered exciting moments on the football field, but also brought many interesting things in the field of virtual food ordering. Examining consumption habits during the match, it turns out that Hungarian Wolt users placed their orders for various delicacies while cheering for the national team.

Reflecting match-watching habits, pizzas were the most popular; ham, salami and margherita dominated in that order. The largest individual order came from a user in Pécs, who ordered a pizza worth HUF 110,000, which deserved to be highlighted. Milk chocolate and gum were the sweets, almond flavored ice creams, and cheese and ketchup chips were the most popular snacks.

Interestingly, Debrecen stood out from the other cities, as tacos were the most popular match-day food here, which was also popular in Szombathely, the hometown of Barnabás Varga, the goalscorer, where the smoked cheese and sour cream flame and the four-cheese pizza were among the top products.

Among the hot dishes in Hungarian cities, hamburgers and pizzas, as well as spicy chicken wings, were given priority. When it comes to alcohol consumption, beer was the essential accompaniment, with different local preferences: Hungarian beers in Budapest and Debrecen, Italian beers in Szeged, Dutch beers in Győr, while Miskolc preferred German beers.

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