Development is also the key to success in agriculture

By: STA Date: 2022. 11. 29. 09:28

In order to increase the efficiency of the agriculture and food industry and remain competitive, the further, wide-ranging modernization of the sector is essential. The actors of the agrárium understood: now is the time for investments that improve competitiveness, and the government supports their implementation with its support policy – said Sándor Farkas at the handover of Axiál Kft.’s new premises in Felsozsolca.

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The deputy minister of the Ministry of Agriculture emphasized that the agricultural sector is experiencing a period of technological modernization at the handover of the modern site of the agricultural machinery manufacturing company, which was implemented on an area of ​​3 hectares for approximately HUF 1.3 billion. Agricultural machinery sales in Hungary have been growing dynamically for years. Despite the difficulties caused by the epidemic and the drought, another record was set in 2021: the turnover of agricultural machinery and spare parts exceeded HUF 300 billion. The domestic machine park is becoming more and more modern, which also confirms that the actors of the agrarian sector are open to technological developments and the use of modern technical tools. As Sándor Farkas said, the renewal of the machinery fleet of agricultural farms continued this year as well, individual farms and social enterprises bought HUF 165.5 billion worth of new machines and equipment in the first half of 2022.

This turnover exceeded the previous year by 80 percent

Further developments are forced, among others, by the maintenance of competitiveness and the increasingly strict requirements of food and food safety – stressed Sándor Farkas. In his opinion, the use of state-of-the-art power and work machines, the acceleration of irrigation development, and the creation of the conditions for precision farming by using the most advanced digital technologies can play a huge role in this. The development of domestic agriculture is also supported by the government’s support policy, said the deputy minister. Last year, for example, the Ministry of Agriculture announced a call to promote precision farming within the framework of the Rural Development Program, which was received with great interest by farmers: applications for HUF 212 billion were submitted, and as a result of the decisions made so far, 2,609 producers have received a total of nearly HUF 193 billion in support.

This is expected in the future

With regard to the future, Sándor Farkas confirmed that the new Common Agricultural Policy (KAP), which is decisive between 2023 and 2027, assigns a special role to the protection of the environment and the preservation of biodiversity, as well as the implementation of the digitization transition. In addition to increasing profitability, making production safer, and reducing labor requirements, modern digital solutions contribute to the reasonable application of nutrients and pesticides. The deputy minister emphasized that the funds will be available for all of this, an unprecedented amount is available for the development of farms in the period up to 2027: direct sector support of HUF 2,485 billion, as well as rural development resources of HUF 2,891 billion provide the financial background necessary to achieve the goals .

“We will continue to strive to have a successful, high-added-value agriculture and food industry on international markets, capable of supplying the Hungarian population with safe, high-quality food,” said Sándor Farkas. The deputy minister indicated at the plant hall handover: farmers count on partners such as the Axiál group of companies who are committed to the development of agriculture and who give a lot to the quality of their services.


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