Companies fear the cyber security dangers of artificial intelligence

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 19. 11:05

Artificial intelligence is conquering companies worldwide, but they are also worried about the cyber security risks associated with its introduction, according to EY’s international research with more than 1,400 companies. In Europe, the EU cyber protection directive (NIS2) helps companies to effectively fight against the spectacularly growing digital threats.

The companies consider the generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), which also drives ChatGPT, to be a revolutionary technology, almost half of the respondents (43%) are already investing in such a solution. Four-fifths (80%) of companies investing in technology are testing the functionality of applications, while a fifth (20%) are already testing pilot projects before use. GenAI is most commonly used to improve employee training and teamwork (36%) and support customer service and sales (35%).

Despite the growing popularity of generative artificial intelligence, four out of ten respondents (38%) prefer a deliberate, gradual introduction, which is basically due to ethical doubts. This is also indicated by the fact that a deeper understanding of the theoretical background and potential uses of the technology, as well as the assessment of risks, are considered important by nearly three quarters of the respondents (73% and 69%), while more than half of them (52%) are concerned that AI applications will destroy jobs. can be terminated.

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