On the long weekend of May 1, MKB Bank and Takarékbank will merge, this is what customers need to know about the transition

By: STA Date: 2023. 03. 29. 11:00

On April 30, with the legal merger of MKB Bank Nyrt. and Takarékbank Zrt., the nearly three-year merger process within the framework of Magyar Bankholding, which aims to create Hungary’s second largest Hungarian-owned financial institution, will be completed. The member banks, as well as the bank operating under the unified MBH Bank brand name and image from May 1, will hold non-contiguous, full and partial bank holidays between April 27 (Thursday) and May 2 (Tuesday), during which the technical and IT transitions arising due to the merger will take place in order to conduct it smoothly. In order to maintain smooth administration, the banking group provides continuously updated information on the most important information concerning customers. The detailed information about the transition weekend was received by e-mail in the past few days, and is available on the electronic channels and websites of the member banks.

On April 30, 2023, MKB Bank and Takarékbank will merge, after which the resulting bank will continue to operate under the name MBH Bank Nyrt., with a unified image. In the days surrounding the merger of MKB Bank and Takarékbank, the bank group is moving some of its IT systems as planned and on schedule. In order to carry out the operations smoothly, the member banks will hold non-consecutive, partial and full bank holidays between April 27 (Thursday) and May 2 (Tuesday) 2023. During this period, customers will only be able to use certain services for a limited time or form.

It is important to know that the transition does not affect plastic debit and credit card purchases, as well as the merchant card acceptance service, the aforementioned services will also operate without interruption during the merger weekend. It is also easier for customers that the payment account numbers of MKB Bank and Takarékbank customers will not change as a result of the merger, and customers can use valid bank cards in use both during the transition weekend and after.

What should you pay attention to during the transition weekend?

During the transition, customers of the two financial institutions may experience interruptions in accessing electronic channels and immediate transfer orders, and on April 28, bank branches will operate with reduced opening hours. Shorter service outages may occur when using cards, approving online purchases, and withdrawing cash from the ATM network. Based on the schedule, the availability of the bank’s electronic channels, the flow of money (sending and receiving HUF and foreign currency transfers) and the use of cards will return to normal operation on May 1 (Monday) at 2 p.m. On Tuesday, May 2, the bank branches will be open, and the telephone customer service can also be used for administration without restrictions.

Customers can find continuously updated information about the options for using the services during the transition weekend, as well as details about the merger, in the Merger News menu of the MKB Bank and Takarékbank websites at takarekbank.hu/fuzios-hirek-atallasi-hetvege and mkb.hu/fuzios- hirek-atallasi-hetvege websites, as well as the social media platforms of MKB Bank and Takarékbank.
Customers can find information about the transition on all relevant online platforms of Takarékbank and MKB Bank, as well as from bank account statements and e-mails sent in recent months, in bank branches, and through their personal contacts and customer service. From May 1, 2023, customers can find information about the merger and the services of the merged bank on MBH Bank’s official website, mbhbank.hu.

“Relying on our previous experience and the persistent work of our colleagues, we are working hard to prepare the technical-IT transition related to the bank merger and the brand change following the merger. The IT transition was deliberately timed for the long weekend of May 1st, so that the process causes as little inconvenience as possible for customers. We place particular emphasis on ensuring that our customers continue to experience the high level of service they have received through the usual administration channels. At the same time, we ask the customers of MKB Bank and Takarékbank to keep an eye on the banks’ latest information regarding the transition period,” said Ádám Egerszegi, Magyar Bankholding’s deputy general manager responsible for transformation and operations.

Account modernization for uniform and modern customer service

The goal of Magyar Bankholding is to create the foundation for a modern branch network that employs several experts and provides a uniform level of service across the country, primarily based on consulting. To this end, following the merger in May, the former MKB Bank and Takarékbank branches will be renewed and will continue to operate under the MBH Bank image. In the first round, the larger, flagship branches will be converted, after which the bank group’s entire branch network will be gradually renewed during the year.

The bank’s customers will also be able to see MBH Bank’s own data and logo on all previously used communication channels (internet banking, mobile app, account statement, postal or electronic mail, etc.), the former image of MKB Bank and Takarékbank will be removed.

A new, universal bank will soon be born

With the successful merger of MKB Bank and Takarékbank, the merger process, which lasted for about three years and is also unique in the region, comes to an end. The resulting MBH Bank will be the second largest bank in Hungary based on total assets, which is already a market leader in many areas, including in the corporate segment, including micro, small and medium-sized enterprise lending, the leasing market, and the agricultural and food business. The merged major bank will have the largest branch network in the country, as well as one of the most extensive ATM networks.

MBH Bank defines itself as a universal, modern bank, which, due to its role in the domestic banking sector, its Hungarian background and extensive branch presence, has a comprehensive understanding of domestic customer needs, strives to provide personalized service, and is committed to responsible banking, Hungarian people, businesses, towards local communities and the domestic economy. The goal of the new bank is to serve both residential and corporate clients with modern financial services that are accessible to everyone, understandable and flexibly developing, and a continuously expanding product range.

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