Lidl presents the UEFA EURO 2024 tm campaign: the Lidl Kids Team

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 04. 11:54

Lidl is an official partner of the UEFA EURO 2024TM European Football Championship. As part of the collaboration, Lidl is launching the Lidl Kids Team prize game, thanks to which more than 1,100 children across Europe will have the opportunity to accompany the players to the field in the matches of the UEFA EURO 2024 European Championship.

As part of Lidl Hungary’s campaign starting on April 2, parents/guardians are given the opportunity to have their child aged 6-10 enter the Lidl Kids Team by lottery, regardless of gender, origin, physical and mental abilities. Parents/guardians must fill in the application form available in the Lidl Plus application. The winners are drawn randomly by the supermarket chain, thus ensuring an equal chance for all applicants.

The winners will not only win the opportunity to accompany the players to the matches. Lidl undertakes and pays the full cost of travel to UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany for the applicant parent/guardian and their child, which enables the winners to participate in the program regardless of their financial situation. The participants of the Lidl Kids Team will have a number of fun and exciting experiences on site before joining the best soccer players in Europe on the pitch in front of tens of thousands of fans at the UEFA EURO 2024 European Championship matches.

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