Kifli prices have risen by 133 percent in the past year

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 11. 28. 12:10

Vakmajom blog follows the development of the price of kifli in a bakery in Budapest on a regularly updated graph, and they reported quite shocking numbers recently.

“290 didn’t last long, 350 is the new price, it was 150 a year ago, we are already at 133% deflation on an annual basis. And the same percentage applies to non-premium, cheaper, hypermarket bakery cookies as well, in bakery cookies and bread there is at least a doubling, this is the real world, not the state statistics. This is a real Argentinian-Turkish pace, there is nothing like it anywhere in Europe, i.e. it is mainly of internal, state origin.”

– they write, and they also show on a graph the evolution of the price of kifli from the Rákóczi tér bakery they follow.

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