The offer of the domestic garden seed market exceeds 1,000 varieties

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 02. 10:20

Work in the hobby gardens traditionally starts after Easter. About 20 million of the small garden seeds in colorful bags are sold during the season, according to the data of the Seed Association, Interprofessional Organization and Product Council. Hobby gardeners buy the largest amount of classic vegetable species, but with the development of gastroculture, the demand for special vegetables – chili peppers, cherry tomatoes, lettuce – has also increased.

Today, the domestic garden seed market offers more than 1,000 varieties. The seeds of the classic vegetable species – carrots, parsley, cucumbers, beets, zucchini, green peas, sweet corn – are found in the largest quantities. In recent years, with the development of gastroculture, the demand for special vegetables has increased: chili peppers, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, as well as for many types of herbs, scallion, dill and basil. Beginner gardeners are recommended to grow vegetables that are easy to grow – squash, lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers, radishes, green peas, green beans – explained Ferenc Marton, member of the Vegetable Section Committee of the Seed Association.

Today, according to estimates, market players sell 20 million colored bagged seeds each year, the value of which is around HUF 5 billion. According to the trend, this quantity may decrease by 3-6% per year. The majority of hobby seeds can be purchased through three main commercial channels: multinational food chains, DIY stores, and traditional farm and garden stores.

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