The unity of the farmers helps the Hungarian countryside through all difficulties

By: STA Date: 2022. 09. 19. 09:14

Although the challenges have been increasing for years, the unity of the farmers will help the Hungarian countryside through all the difficulties – said the Minister of Agriculture at the General Assembly of the Association of Hungarian Farmers’ Circles and Farmers’ Cooperatives (Magosz) on Monday in Gödöllő, at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (MATE).

Cooperation is one of the foundations of competitiveness (Photo: Pixabay)

István Nagy emphasized that the government is also open to cooperation and provides historical support to farmers with a budget contribution related to EU rural development subsidies. The unprecedented level of national co-financing gives Hungary a chance not seen for generations to develop an internationally competitive agriculture and food industry, he added. According to the Minister of Agriculture, subsidies are just as important as the cooperation of farmers’ representatives, since there is no competitive agriculture with traditional methods due to climate change. Hungarian agriculture is getting stronger, but the world is facing difficult years, the consequences of the food crisis are unforeseeable. In addition to efficiency, speed also increases in value – he pointed out. The government responded immediately to the drought situation so that the affected producers could prepare for the next farming year, he said. The head of the ministry touched on the negotiations on subsidies in Brussels. He said that it was often necessary to go to the extreme in representing Hungarian interests, because the end result determines the future of the Hungarian countryside in the long term. He considers it important that the sustainability requirements do not burden producers unnecessarily, but really improve the state of the environment, as well as that the subsidies help the generational change in the farming society, and that the most vulnerable farms can count on increased support. Within the EU, Hungary is regrouping resources to small producers in one of the largest proportions, who get a new, hectare-based payment option in the form of additional income support, István Nagy said.

The president of the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy (NAK) also emphasized the importance of cooperation

According to him, this is the only way to deal with weather extremes, the consequences of the war in Ukraine, and epidemics dangerous to humans and animals. Balázs Győrffy assessed the cooperation with the government as a success, as many of their proposals became legislation. At the same time, relations in Brussels “could be more harmonious”, he said. According to the head of the agricultural chamber, the situation is complicated by the fact that amid the current challenges, it is almost impossible for farmers to plan, while costly modernizations cannot stop. All support will be needed for this, and NAK itself wants to help those who have found themselves in a difficult situation, he added. If the organization’s general assembly accepts it, those affected by the drought who pay based on sales this year can receive a membership fee discount from NAK – he indicated.

The rector of MATE considers it particularly important for the university to participate in the cooperation between Magosz and NAK due to global challenges

Csaba Gyuricza emphasized that MATE is now much more than a higher education institution, as it has a national network behind it and is an important participant in research and innovation. Farmers will have a key role in shaping the future, so the training of agricultural professionals is becoming more and more important, he added. István Jakab, the president of Magosz, spoke about the challenges of the recent past and the coming years in his report to the general meeting. He emphasized that there was never a home office for the farmers, they fulfilled their duty even in the most difficult times, but they are constantly faced with new and new challenges. Peace must be sought so that instead of suffering the effects of war, peaceful construction can be continued, and also because sanctions are not necessarily effective either, he stated. He noted that Russian agriculture, for example, has developed a lot in recent years due to the punitive measures ordered in the middle of the previous decade. István Jakab is also confident that relations with Brussels will be settled and that the “double standards” on the part of the EU will cease. He sees a chance for this especially if the composition of the European Parliament changes after the next election. The leader of Magosz agreed with the Minister of Agriculture that the cooperation will help the producers through many difficulties, but regardless, he believes that Hungary should receive the EU funds due to it, since the drought alone caused a loss of almost HUF 1,000 billion. In addition, the farmers must acquire the raw materials and tools necessary for production, but which are rapidly becoming more expensive, but in return they can provide valuable help, for example, in infrastructure development against drought and in environmental protection cooperation. The Magosz delegation meeting accepted István Jakab’s report.


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