More than half of the children's toys was dangerous

By: trademagazin Date: 2016. 03. 08. 11:01

According to the study of the National Consumer Protection Authority (NFH) 48 products out of 81 were risky: strangulation, eye damage or risk of permanent damage to health occured in the test of the NFH. The list of risky toys can be found on the Authority's website.


According to the communication of the National Consumer Protection Authority (NFH) sent to MTI on Tuesday, most of the disputed products (29 types) were dolls and other plastic toys, which can cause phthalate problem. Some phthalates are prohibited in toys made for children, however, often used to soften plastics. If the child take the product into mouth then the material of these hazardous compounds could be released into the body. These phthalates cause serious harm to health or even cause infertility too – they wrote. (MTI)

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