Sustainability does not entail an unacceptable decrease in the standard of living

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 11. 11:30

“Sustainability means solutions to global environmental problems that do not involve either economic bankruptcy or an unacceptable decrease in the standard of living,” said Mr. Attila Chikán, the president and CEO of Alteo Nyrt., appeared on Monday in the latest episode of former head of state János Áder’s podcast Blue Planet, which is also available on the most popular video sharing portal.

The expert added that, on the one hand, these solutions can be financed, and on the other hand, we can use them to preserve the advantages of our civilization and consume within reasonable limits. János Áder, chairman of the board of trustees of the Kék Bolygó Climate Protection Foundation, also asked his guest about the transition to a circular economy in connection with sustainability.

Attila Chikán Jr. said that, like sustainability, the circular economy is also a relatively young concept, the essence of which is to extend the lifetime of products as much as possible instead of one-time consumption; we mitigate our environmental impact in a long-term way that spans cycles.

The first step in this is to reduce consumption, i.e. “you don’t always have to buy everything, you have to avoid impulse purchases, and you don’t have to replace something just because it’s no longer fashionable”. At the same time, the industry must produce products that can be repaired and maintained, so their lifespan is adequate – explained the company manager. He noted that tools can be borrowed or shared.

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