Warming, favors the quality of domestic wine

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 10. 12. 00:02

In qualitative terms, this years vintage can be the best vintage of the recent years, because the average quality of the 2009 wines is very high – claimed the latest summary of Varga Wine Cellar and Corvinus University’s Winery Department.

The experts believe that the very good quality are attributed to the favorable changes of the weather. The climate warming of the last five years caused the increase of the alcoholic strength of wine, and a sligh reduction in acidification and the enriching structure of the acids.
Thus, the characteristics of Hungarian wines are getting closer to the Mediterranean wines, with a significant difference, that Hungarian wines are significantly richer in taste and their odor intensity is significantly richer, than its southern competitors – reports Népszabadság Online.

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