Sorghum can be an important fodder crop of the future

By: STA Date: 2022. 09. 27. 07:50

Grain sorghum may be suitable as a forage crop to partially replace corn, as it is capable of good yields even in poorer production areas and in years of drought, and this crop safety is an increasingly valuable aspect for all farmers – it was said at the press conference where the future role and potential uses of sorghum were discussed. The Ministry of Agriculture (AM) informed MTI about the event on Tuesday.

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Due to the increasingly frequent periods of drought, it is worthwhile to include alternative crops, such as sorghum, in the crop rotation in addition to the field crops that have been cultivated so far, which are better able to withstand the changed climatic conditions – said Zsolt Feldman, the State Secretary responsible for agriculture and rural development of the Ministry of Agriculture, according to the announcement. The state secretary, referring to the animal feeding experiments that have been taking place in Europe for a long time and now at home, said: based on the results, grain sorghum represents an actual alternative and additional option in addition to corn and other crops in animal feeding, which is worth counting on. Zsolt Feldman listed the favorable properties of sorghum, with its lower production cost level, toxin-freeness, and at the same time its content similar to corn, in addition to crop safety, it can be produced more effectively than corn in low-quality production areas.

The production area of ​​the plant has increased continuously in recent years

In 2010, it was grown on only 5,000 hectares, in 2019 on 23,000 hectares, and by now on 30,000 hectares. Up to 100,000 hectares can be an additional domestic agricultural area where it can be grown more effectively and more profitably than other crops, since yields of 5-7 tons/hectare can be achieved with it even in this extremely difficult year. The decades-long practice of domestic cultivation has developed the appropriate cultivation technology adapted to domestic conditions, and substantial market demand for the plant has also appeared – said Zsolt Feldman. Tamás Petőházi, the president of the National Association of Grain Growers, also believed that the extreme drought that has not been experienced in a hundred years and the war going on in our neighborhood are forcing farmers to grow alternative crops. He called it essential to find, in addition to corn, a plant that can compete with corn due to its content, safety of cultivation, and saleability. One example is sorghum, he said.


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