RECnGO, together with the leading Chinese video hardware manufacturer, would conquer the global content producer market of 400 million people

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 13. 11:21

RECnGO’s name is now known to almost everyone who is involved in the production of quality video materials, whether as a hobby or at a professional level: the Hungarian startup’s revolutionary application can turn any smart device into a professional video studio with the push of a button.

Creative content production has now grown into a global industry of more than 400 million people, and we consume an average of 17 hours of video per week across various platforms. The business opportunities inherent in this are almost unlimited, and RECnGO has entered into an important cooperation in exploiting this. The high-end devices of the Chinese giant SmallRig, which dominates 40% of the world market for camera technical accessories, can now make studio-quality videos anywhere, anytime, armed with the knowledge of the Hungarian-developed application. With this, RECnGO gets direct access to about 70 million Chinese video content producers, and cooperation can open even more doors globally. The goal is to reach the 400 million global market as much as possible.

The video content production segment is developing at a crazy pace around the world: the annual earnings of YouTubers with millions of followers can approach $500,000, influencer marketing campaigns bring advertisers six times the profit for every dollar spent, and the value of the online video streaming market has reached $670 billion in 2024. to. In addition to the almost endless business opportunities, the pressure is also increasing, everyone wants to make more and better quality videos quickly and easily. The cooperation between the Hungarian RECnGO, which develops video streaming solutions, and the Chinese SmallRig, which dominates the world market and manufactures and distributes camera accessories, is a significant development for professional content producers, production specialists, and hobby users.In this way, high-tech hardware and software solutions are available for the first time in the industry in one package, and with this we can turn practically any mobile device into a complete creative studio.