A volume covering the 100-year history of chocolate production in Szerencs was presented

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 12. 07. 11:10

There is no middle-aged person in Hungary who has not heard of Szerencs chocolate, the history of the factory is important not only to the locals, but to the whole country – said the Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation (KIM) at the presentation of the volume that elaborates the history of local chocolate production, which is 100 years old this year, in Szerencs , in the Knight’s Hall of Rákóczi Castle.

Eszter Vitályos added: in the past, it has been proven several times that the people living here are able to ensure the prosperity of the region. He cited as an example that sugar production was started in response to the phylloxera crisis that hit Tokaj-Hegyalja, and chocolate production in Szerencs started after the First World War and Trianon. He emphasized, “both were a positive response to a serious crisis situation: it is necessary to establish and create, organize and support. It is necessary to establish a factory, create jobs, organize training and support entrepreneurs”.

The state secretary emphasized that sugar and chocolate production meant everything to Szerencs: work, livelihood and security. He emphasized that in this year’s centenary year, on June 8, the exhibition Sweet years – 100 years of Szerencs chocolate production (1923-2023) and the recently published book 100 years of Szerencs chocolate production “are important not only because they capture stories in the past. But because it shows how important it is that intellectual knowledge and professional traditions accumulated in factories live on”.

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