Szentkirályi’s plan is completed: 9 billion HUF sales revenue

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 03. 26. 12:00

The Szentkirályi Group’s revenue amounted to 9 billion HUF in 2013.

szentkiralyiThe group had a nearly 15 percent increase in revenues in 2013. The revenue increase is consist of the 7.6 billion HUF revenue increase of the Szentkirályi Ásványvíz Kft., the 1.2 billion HUF revenue increase of the Vitapress Kft., the leading manufacturer of non-alcoholic child champagnes in Europe, and the 200 million HUF revenue increase of the Kingspref Kft..

The Szentkirályi Group in 2014 in terms of export revenue growth plans to achieve a 7-8 percent, in terms of the total turnover, the group plans to reach a nearly 10 percent increase.

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