8 things to make your waiter hate you

By: Trade Horeca Date: 2012. 03. 07. 11:21

There are also more than a few obnoxious things that diners do that can really make your server wanna pie you in the face. Avoid these common missteps and you’re almost guaranteed to avoid getting a little something “extra” in your food….or on your check.

1. Lay out your cell phone, iPod, sunglasses, etc., on the table and don’t move them when the server is trying to deliver food.

2. Enter the kitchen to ask your server for something.

3. Talk to your server while he/she is putting an order into the computer.

4. Ordering while on your cell phone/texting.

5. You’re really thirsty so you ask for “water for the table.”

6. Ask for separate checks at the same table.

7. Complaining about your meal after you’ve eaten all of it.

8. Hand them your empty glass or plate when their hands are already full.

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