61! – The year 2024 starts with a record amount of taxes

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 13. 11:30

Entering another year of special taxes, the question may rightly arise as to when the extra profit taxes, which were initially communicated as temporary, will give way to tax returns the size of beer coasters.

Meanwhile, farmers are now also forced to face additional burdens such as the EPR fee, the carbon dioxide quota tax or the global minimum tax. In any case, at the level of trends, it can be seen that the application of special taxes is being postponed again and again, and one or another special tax has already leaked from the decree to the level of legal regulation. It is therefore easy to imagine that the decrease we witnessed a few years ago in terms of the number of types of taxes has been reversed in the long term: compared to last year’s 59 types of taxes, this year we can count on a total of 61 types of taxes with the help of the collection of the Jalsovszky Law Office.

Among the special taxes, we were able to say goodbye to the transaction tax imposed on investment companies and credit institutions, according to a separate government decree, which was eliminated in the middle of last year. This transaction tax is not to be confused with the financial transaction tax under a separate law which still exists.

Also, from the beginning of this year, the registration fee for domestic work was finally abolished – but not the reporting obligation itself! It should be noted that the otherwise noble intentioned tax only brought in minimal income year after year.