Happy 25 th anniversity for Diet coke

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 07. 12. 00:00

World's #1 Diet Sparkling Beverage Celebrates a Quarter-Century of Refreshing the World with Great Tas.

Twenty-five years ago, Diet Coke burst onto the scene and
forever changed the beverage landscape. Today, the global brand is the #1 diet
sparkling beverage in the world, and its launch is viewed as one of the most
successful in beverage history.
"When Diet Coke debuted in 1982, the brand struck a chord by
inviting people to drink it 'Just for the Taste of It.' Offering the
authenticity of the Coca-Cola name with no calories, Diet Coke was exactly what
people wanted," said Katie Bayne, chief marketing officer, Coca-Cola North
America. "A quarter-century later, Diet Coke remains the world's favorite
no-calorie sparkling beverage and continues to refresh people every day with
the one-of-a-kind taste they love."
The launch of Diet Coke pioneered groundbreaking product
innovations in the beverage industry and helped to accelerate the success of a
Company that now offers more than 400 different beverage brands around the


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