After 25 years in the FMCG sector a debut in the building material industry

By: Trademagazin Date: 2015. 10. 08. 00:42

An international building material manufacturer (Baumit) has been looking for a commercial director with FMCG experience to manage strategic challenges in the field of sales. I decided to give it a go and started working for Baumit, trying to learn the peculiarities of the category in just a few months. I have already learned two lessons: 1. from a sales perspective it is a great feeling to find the best option for someone who intends to purchase building materials; 2. the majority of average people get involved in building something only once or twice in their life – and most of the time they lack the necessary knowledge in the field, so it isn’t surprising at all that they can get cheated by building service providers easily… It would be helpful for them to have a manual, some kind of guidebook calling their attention to the most important things in each phase of the building project, also listing the most typical tricks used by building service providers and how to avoid these. May be even those would be happy to read such a book who aren’t in ‘action’!