The support advance has already reached 125,000 farmers

By: STA Date: 2023. 11. 29. 09:30

Advance payments related to area- and animal-based direct subsidies are ongoing, so far 125,000 farmers have already received payments, the payments will continue at a steady pace – said Zsolt Feldman at the Sárospatak farmers’ forum on Tuesday, who also spoke about the most important information about the new rural development tenders starting next year and the necessity for the changed agricultural market situation he also talked about adaptation.

(Photo: AM/Tibor Vermes)

At the forum organized by the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy, the Secretary of State responsible for agriculture and rural development of the Ministry of Agriculture considered the advance payment, which started in mid-October, to be particularly important due to the financing needs of agricultural production this year and next year. As he put it, the economic and market consequences of the past two years – first the drought, then the Russian-Ukrainian war – and the rising energy prices and input costs make the situation of the majority of agricultural producers extremely difficult. At the forum, he therefore gave detailed information to farmers about available and expected support options, as well as possible strategies for adapting to the changed market environment. For example, about the possibilities of setting up the production structure on several legs, including by integrating soy, sorghum, millet or even alfalfa into the sowing structure. But he also talked about cereals that do not have to compete with Ukrainian agricultural products on European markets. And in areas with less favorable conditions, many farmers may also consider alternatives to the use of less intensive cultivation technologies with lower input consumption, it is worth looking into the related information. The conscious application of the above can help you stay on your feet. Zsolt Feldman spoke about the fact that by 2027 HUF 2,900 billion will go to agriculture and the Hungarian countryside through rural development resources, of which HUF 1,500 billion can be used for investment applications. By issuing tenders, the Ministry of Agriculture wants to help farmers adapt, and they can provide them with several alternatives. Tenders will be issued continuously next year, which will create an opportunity for small and medium-sized as well as larger farms, either through investment or constructions that compensate for higher-level environmental protection undertakings, to proceed in several ways. According to the state secretary, it is important for all farmers to think about whether they want to, whether they can invest, whether they want to participate in the agri-environmental management program that will be restarted next year. The tenders are not announced at the same time, so that everyone can make a well-considered decision and that no one misses out on opportunities.

All agricultural support conditions operating in our country, including EU funds, are recorded in the Strategic Plan of the Common Agricultural Policy

In this regard, the State Secretary drew attention to some significant changes. He gave information about the fact that, in connection with the Agricultural Ecology Program, it was possible to ensure that the producers who partially fulfill their commitment do not lose the full support. This, the introduction of the band sanction system, will already be possible in the case of this year’s 2023 grants. He also mentioned as a lesson learned from the past year that from now on it is not possible to comply either with subsidies or with the changing natural and market environment. Zsolt Feldman shared his experience with the participants of the forum that participation in various area-based, green support programs can help a farm to stay afloat in these difficult years on the market. The farmer who joined the various green area-based support programs in previous years and made additional commitments will therefore receive significant additional support in return, which can be very important in terms of financing now. Those who successfully applied were able to develop their machine park, technological background, efficiency, and energy savings, so they look forward to the next period with better chances – said Zsolt Feldman.


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