The authority extracted enough pesticides for 100 hectares

By: STA Date: 2024. 04. 03. 10:30

In March, the inspectors of the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) “obtained” 3.5 kg of a plant protection agent with Cyrillic letters and without a valid marketing and use license from a private individual through a trial purchase. The action was followed by an additional inspection in the county of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg.

(Photo: Nébih)

In the end, the authority withdrew more than 30 kg of pesticides considered risky. The test purchase also led the official inspectors to an additional location, where other plant protection products were checked. The two investigations ended with the withdrawal of a total of 32 kg of plant protection products from circulation, the prohibition of their distribution and use, and their closure.

In connection with the objectionable plant protection products, the inspectors found several irregularities

The authority withdrew plant protection products from the market that did not have a Hungarian label and the mandatory information, were only marked in Cyrillic letters, had an expired use-by date, did not have a valid marketing and use license in Hungary, and could not be traced. Another serious irregularity was the fact that the plant protection products were sold outside the store, without an operational and plant protection product distribution, purchase or use license. The quantity of licensed products withdrawn from circulation and locked up would have been sufficient to treat approximately 100 hectares of plant culture. The procedure and the determination of the fine are still in progress. In the future, the authority will also increase the control of the presence of unauthorized substances when inspecting plant products, as well as the distribution of plant protection agents, the use of which requires great caution from farmers. It is extremely important that pesticides can only be purchased in stores, from a reliable source, and that special care must be taken to comply with the regulations when using them.


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