The Craft Conference is 10 years old: artificial intelligence is in focus

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 21. 10:24

What CES is to technological innovation, Craft is to software development – ​​the largest IT professional conference in Central Europe celebrates its tenth birthday this year, which invites thousands of professionals to Budapest every year.

The two-day Craft Conference awaits those interested with a real star parade at the end of May among the spectacular scenery of the Railway History Park: experts from Google, Tesla, Spotify, Microsoft, OpenAI and Ebay will arrive, but one of the world’s most read tech will be among the keynote speakers also Gergely Orosz, who writes his newsletter. At the professional festival, it will be revealed how productivity can be increased with AI tools or digital team members, whether the AI ​​Engineer will really be a successful profession of the future and why the IT market has “sat down” a bit in recent months.

On May 30-31, the attention of software developers will once again be focused on Budapest, the region’s largest professional festival, the Craft Conference, will open its doors to interested parties for the tenth time this year. Since 2014, a total of 15,000 participants have walked under Craft’s welcoming molino, with more than 2,000 professionals gathered at last year’s event alone. The organizers see the success of the event in the fact that, in addition to the relaxed and inspiring atmosphere, developers at the beginning of their careers or more experienced ones, as well as business leaders and managers, can get indispensable professional guidance. “We have grown into an unavoidable development event in the region,” says Médea Baccifava, one of the founders.

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