Over 200 million bottles of Hungarian wine in Lidl’s domestic and international stores in 10 years

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 23. 12:05

Ten years ago, Lidl Hungary committed itself to the promotion of Hungarian wines in the domestic and foreign markets and to increasing the sales volume. The outstanding success of the company’s efforts is shown by the fact that over the past decade it has sold more than 200 million bottles of Hungarian wine in domestic and foreign Lidl stores, and it has also increased the number of bottles sold on an annual basis fivefold compared to 2014. Thanks to this, the market-leading supermarket chain has made a significant contribution to the success of not only domestic wineries and wineries, but also the entire wine industry.

Promotion of Hungarian products and activities aimed at increasing exports have always represented an important aspect in the life of Lidl Hungary. The market-leading food retail chain decided back in 2014 that, as part of its “Lidl for Hungarian suppliers” program, it would give priority to the promotion of excellent Hungarian bottled wines, and in addition to increasing domestic sales, it would also help foreign markets through the “Lidl Wine Expo” domestic wineries and wineries. The initiative is therefore celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and the results achieved are clear evidence of success. The company has sold more than 200 million bottles of Hungarian wine over the past 10 years, half of which it delivered to foreign markets. All of this resonates with the supermarket chain’s strategic goal of making the widest possible range of Hungarian wines available in domestic stores, and in addition, domestic family wineries have the opportunity to export through the Lidl network, which also fits in with the Hungarian government’s national strategic ideas.

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