Tartós bérlet kontra tulajdonlás

Szerző: trademagazin Dátum: 2016. 01. 15. 10:02

At the 6th Vehicle Fleet Business Conference, organised by Nelson Flottalízing, industry experts were discussing the most important trends. Nelson sales director Gábor Bertalan gave the keynote speech, who told that his company has been in the market for more than 20 years and for 370 customers they manage 1,500 vehicles. Each year this number expands by 8-10 percent, mostly because of SME partners who are more and more interested in operative leasing schemes. Financing costs keep reducing as the competition between leasing companies is increasing. Zoltán Bohács from Lombard Lízing Zrt. underlined that thanks to the Lending for Growth Programme (NHP), the value of contracts signed by leasing firms exceeded HUF 1,000 billion, from which the share of new investment loans and new lease schemes was 58 percent. Kálmán Tekse, managing director of Arval Magyarország Járműparkkezelő Kft. added that the NHP was a very good initiative but it entailed such great bureaucratic burden that it wasn’t as big a success in the leasing market as it could have been. In connection with the selling of MKB EuroLeasing the managing director told that in the last 3 years 3 important players quit the market – this indicates very well how special a service leasing is. He thinks that despite these market changes partners’ needs will be catered for. In his view fully outsourced services will become dominant.

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