Unilever Teams Up With Accenture On ‘Next-Generation AI’ Project

Szerző: Trademagazin editor Dátum: 2023. 12. 07. 09:52

Unilever has announced it is partnering with Accenture on a project that will ‘explore new applications to scale generative AI’, which will be based at the former’s Horizon3 Labs, recently opened in Toronto, Canada.

The strategic initiative will seek ways to ‘enhance productivity, drive efficiencies, and accelerate disruptive and AI-powered innovations at scale’, the two firms said in a statement.

The initiative forms part of Accenture’s previously announced $3 billion (€2.77 billion) investment in data and AI, with the professional services firm planning to link Unilever with its leading data and AI specialists, utilising Accenture’s ecosystem partnerships, ventures, and strategic investments housed in its Center for Advanced AI.

The two enterprises will investigate novel applications for expanding the scope of generative AI, such as leveraging assets from Accenture’s AI Navigator.


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