Drinks rich in vitamins, at decreasing prices

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 12. 16. 08:00

Demand for fruit juices is higher in colder months than in the summer. However, growth of the segment stopped last season, as a result of a substantial rise in the price of tropical fruits. – This process has come to a halt, which means that no further rise in the price of SIÓ and hohes C products is necessary – says Katalin Zarándy, marketing director of SIÓ-Eckes Kft. Consumption of juices with a high fruit content, like hohes C and SIÓ Premium shows the largest increase in the winter season. VitaTigris Gyümölcspüré is another high fruit content product intended fo children, while hohes C Mild Multivitamin is a new products launched in October. SIÓ-Eckes has no specific marketing strategy for the winter but innovation is continuous in terms of communicational tools as well. Innovation is a primary means of boosting sales for Maspex-Olympos as well. According to Andrea Kiss, marketing director of Maspex-Olympos Kft, time is the true measure of success. Only 1-2 out of 10 innovations remain on the shelves for longer periods. However, their TopJoy Light and TopJoy Fitness product lines have been successful for a long time. Kubu has also been popularity among children for many years. Olympos 100%, a new version of Olympos lemon juice has been launched for this season. The new PET bottle also has a new label and logo (Olympos Gold), which communicate the premium nature of the product. Colder weather has brought an increase in demand for products with a lower fruit content as well. – Mixed fruit drinks with vitamins are the most popular in the winter season – says János Gréczi, managing director of Gramex 2000 Kft. Their product range includes many products from 1 percent drinks in family sizes to the 12 percent multivitamin mixed fruit drink, sold under private labels. At present, all Gramex products come in PET bottles. The prices of fruit concentrates are rising continuously and the HUF has weakened. They are not planning to launch new products for the winter season, but their promotional activities will be focused on family size, mixed flavour products. However, several product development projects have been launched which will be completed in 2009.

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