Virtual marketplaces

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 02. 28. 08:00

Web sites which help businesses to make business electronically exist on the Internet. The operators of Agrágkapu introduced e-commerce into a field that is very remote from the IT scene. The use of e-commerce in agriculture is more of a necessity than innovation – says Melinda Mészáros, managing director of Agrárkapu. E-commerce is a new channel of distribution for agricultural enterprises which can help them to increase sales. Most of these enterprises seem to have recognised the usefulness of e-commerce already. Agrárkapu offers a virtual marketplace, online store and catalogue for its clients. These services are provided against a monthly fee or a commission after turnover. Enterprises using Agrárkapu generate 3,8-4 per cent of their total sales through the web site. At the moment, products which are already subject to adequate quality standards at the time of production are sold, but they also plan to start trading in agricultural produce. They intend to introduce a quality monitoring system which would track produce right from the fields. A service offered by T-Online, called Marketline can be used for e-purchasing, e-tendering, and e-auctioning. No special technology is needed to use of the system which handles an annual turnover of over HUF 100 billion. This system is also used by FMCG companies, since 13 per cent lower average purchase prices, or more favourable conditions are important to them as well. Store chains have even been using the system for selecting suppliers of private label products.

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