Blood on the kitchen sink – Picture of the day

By: trademagazin Date: 2013. 09. 16. 10:43

Not many people associate kitchen work with murder unless you’re
talking about the iconic “murder with kitchen knife” image made famous by the
classic Hollywood horror flicks. And we have to admit that there are days when
we are so stressed from a hard day at work that we go about chopping vegetables
like they were the embodiment of our bosses and co-workers. However, if you
have been having seriously murderous thoughts of late and do not want those fantasies
to take over you, you would need something to snap you out of it and put some
humor back into your life.

Ver a konyhai pulton - A nap kepe 1

Ver a konyhai pulton - A nap kepe 2

Ver a konyhai pulton - A nap kepe 3

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