Is canned or frozen the more nutritious?

By: Trademagazin Date: 2020. 05. 29. 09:04

It has long been a matter of debate what kind of food and in what form to take and consume:
several conscious nutritional trends consider canned and frozen foods to be quasi-dead products, as do micronization, which they consider harmful – Réka Szöllősi, a food industry expert and the professional and communication director of the Association of Responsible Food Producers, told HVG. However, the facts do not show this: in the quick-frozen state, for example, the vitamin content of most vegetables and fruits remains higher than if we brought it home from the market and it took a few days for us to eat it. Spinach, for example, should be eaten the same day, a few hours after picking, because it loses a lot of nutritional value very quickly, he emphasizes.