Szerencsi chocolate’s trademark has a new owner

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 01. 31. 15:10

Nestlé Hungária Kft. has decided to renounce ownership of the ‘Szerencsi’ trademark for sweets, which in the future will be used exclusively by Szerencsi Bonbon Kft. – it was announced on 11 December 2018 in Szerencs. As for cocoa products, the right stays with Nestlé Hungária Kft. Dr István Takács, founder and managing director of Szerencsi Bonbon Kft. told this step was a very special gesture from Nestlé Hungária Kft., whose managing director Péter Noszek added that they would make sure that Szerencs remains a bastion of Hungarian food production. //

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