Big environmental savings with the ÖkoKör groups

By: trademagazin Date: 2013. 05. 07. 09:10

The households that took part in the ÖkoKör program of the Association of Conscious Consumers (TVE) have reached significant environmental savings; for example they have produced a quarter less food waste since 2010.

According to the Tuesday announcement of TVE, the organization involved more than 600 households in its program since 2010 in Hungary, and tried and developed the domestic version of the international EcoTeam program.

The households participating in the ÖkoKör program, produced an average of 27 percent less food waste and 17 percent less mixed household waste. In addition, they consumed 13 percent less electrical energy, 23 percent less natural gas and 9 percent less potable water. In addition, households used 15 percent fewer chemicals than before. (MTI)

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