Multichannel selling the smart way: What is GS1 SmartSearch?

By: jungandrea Date: 2017. 10. 18. 10:48

No matter whether you are a brand owner or a retailer, GS1 SmartSearch can help you increase your online sales. How can one gain a competitive advantage? Surveys have shown that today nearly 70 percent of purchases are influenced by online product information. It has never been this important before to make products visible: identifiable and described with accurate product information online.

Most products bear a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) that identifies them. When product information is uploaded to the internet, search engines can identify it much more accurately. If you provide structured product information online, your products will be listed higher when consumers do a search, and more click-throughs will result in more purchases made.

What is GS1 SmartSearch and how can online retailers profit from using it? This new standard and guidance guarantees more relevant search results and that more accurate and detailed product information is displayed in search results. The GS1 SmartSearch achieves these benefits by making it possible to create structured data about a product and relate this data to its GTIN. The structured data about the product can then be used by search engines, smartphone apps, etc. to deliver a richer experience to the consumer. For manufacturers and retailers this means more click-throughs and purchases.

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