Ten water tastes from Tesco

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 07. 08. 11:33

During this summer, the thermometer often reaches 30 degrees in celsius. We would spend the sweltering heat mostly on the beach, or in a cool room. Either way, it is important to take in the right amount of fluid. With Tesco’s Aquafruct mineral waters that are available in ten kinds of exciting fruit flavors we can refresh ourselves in an environmentally responsible way!


Without exception, Tesco's own branded mineral waters are from the 30 000 year old crystal clear water resources of the Aquarius well in Albertirsa. This cleanliness is the basis of the Aquafruct flavored waters. We almost feel the cold of the Ice Age, as the carbonated water’s refreshing fruit flavor is mixed with the fantastic fruit taste. Everyone can find their favourite from the ten kinds of tastes.

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