Misconceptions about plant-based nutrition

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 06. 23. 11:10
Can deficiency diseases be caused by a vegan or vegetarian meal and it is difficult to get the nutrients you need? Or have we already done enough for sustainability by giving up food of animal origin or at least reducing its quantity? While a meat-free meal also has health and environmental benefits, it matters how we choose our foods.

Significant consumption of vegetables and fruits has a number of positive nutritional physiological effects, but the more foods a particular diet excludes, the greater the risk of malnutrition for certain nutrients. Proteins, for example, are such critical nutrients. However, conscious food selection and variety can go a long way: legumes, soy products, oilseeds, and cereals, for example, consumed regularly in larger quantities, can provide adequate protein intake.

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