Magazine: The crème de la crème

By: jungandrea Date: 2018. 07. 26. 07:54

Csaba Burján
managing director
Unilever Food Solutions

According to Csaba Burján, managing director of Unilever Food Solutions, chefs need absolutely reliable cooking ingredients to work with. Cream is of high quality if the end result is perfect when cooked with. For a creamy texture minimum 15-percent fat cream is necessary. Cream also has to be heat-stable and of course it must taste good. 80 percent of Rama Cremefine Profi’s components are of animal origin, used in a special combination. Cream can be used in innumerable ways – soups, sauces, stews, desserts, etc.

Balázs Varga
OOH business leader
FrieslandCampina Hungária

Balázs Varga, OOH business leader of FrieslandCampina Hungária Zrt. reckons that constancy is one of the most important things for professional users when talking about product quality: cream must have the same good quality and product characteristics at all times. Debic has been manufacturing cream for 100 years and has been a favourite of chefs and confectioners ever since. Mr Varga added that confectioners often use plant-based cream alternatives – the structure of these is more stable, but the taste is less natural. Professional kitchens don’t shy away from using plant-based cream alternatives either, for instance in making soups and sauces, either because it is cheaper or because vegans can eat it too.

Mr Burján informed that Rama Cooking Cream and Rama Multifunctional Cooking Cream and Whipped Cream Base are strong in the market. As the market is price-sensitive, 15-percent Rama Cooking Cream is the more popular variant, but a growing number of buyers opt for the multifunctional product that is very reliable. Mr Varga revealed that medium-level kitchens use cooking and whipped cream of animal origin, but the top ones often cook with a single type of high-fat, animal-origin whipped cream – for every purpose. Confectioneries often mix plant-based and animal-origin creams for greater efficiency. //


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