Nurturing talent in the guild

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2020. 03. 25. 10:13

In 2019 the guild started a new era by commencing to train and increase the dedication level of young confectioners. As part of the sweeTEN programme, they provided further training to 10 talented young confectioners. This year the programme continues under the name sweeTEN 2.0, in partnership with the Budapest Center of Economic Vocational Training.

This time the school delegated 6 students to the programme and the guild sent 4. The venue of the training is the guild’s modern training centre. What is more, the guild has successfully applied for becoming a Registered Talent Point.

Currently, they are busy organising a study trip to Moutardier Patisserie in Switzerland for young confectioners Nándor Bergmann and Gergő Dezse, who participate in the National Talent Programme.


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