Tchibo – community coffee experience

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 11. 13. 08:13

Per capita coffee consumption isn’t exceptionally high in Hungary, but the level of penetration and consumers’ quality expectations are high indeed. Ágnes Rajnai, marketing director of Tchibo told that we drink much less coffee than consumers in neighbouring countries. We are also different in the respect that we use a machine to make our coffee, while in most countries around Hungary they prepare coffee Turkish style. About 80 percent of Hungarian consumers drink coffee and making it is a special ceremony in the morning. However, the second cup of the day, usually consumed at the workplace, is in great contrast with the first one in terms of quality. People have had to make quality compromises so far but Tchibo can help them solve this problem! The new Tchibo campaign primarily targets workplaces: for two and a half months the company will give away a Philips/Saeco automatic coffee maker and 3kg Tchibo whole bean coffee in a prize draw scheme every day. Workplace collectives can register at www.tchibonyeremé and upload the information on their receipt after buying any kind of Tchibo coffee. Tchibo hopes that nearly 80 coffee machines will find their new homes and make daytime coffee drinking a real experience at these workplaces. (X)


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