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By: Trademagazin Date: 2017. 05. 24. 10:14

Bearded cooks in Chicago are supposed to wear beard nets, but many don’t. Facial hair “is the fashion of the time, and I’m sure the health department is not happy about this fashion,” said Michael Roper, owner of the Andersonville bar Hopleaf, where more than half of the male kitchen staff sport beards. “At this point, they haven’t come down real hard on the beard issue, but I have a feeling we have to soon because it’s just become so ubiquitous.”
The city’s health code stipulates that “all food handlers engaged in the preparation of food” use “effective hair restraints to confine hair.” That goes for beard hair, however bushy or trimmed it may be, said Cristina Villarreal, spokeswoman for the Chicago Department of Public Health. (The rule does not apply to bartenders or servers, she said.)

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