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Digital technologies poised to transform agrifood systems

Digital agriculture has the potential to deliver significant economic, social and environmental benefits and, if promoted in an inclusive manner, it can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, FAO Director-General...

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Lidl-Müller partnership in the United Kingdom

Lidl’s strategy heavily builds on British farmers, so two thirds of their products in UK stores come from local suppliers. Last year Lidl entered into a partnership with Müller Milk&Ingredients:...

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Carrefour: new store format in Italy and Belgium

In Portogruaro Carrefour Italia debuts with a new hypermarket that aims at making shopping simpler: they sell organic fruits and vegetables supplied by local farmers, ready meals to go, there...

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Nearly 100 groceries have entered the Budapest Nagybani Piac program already

In September 2015 the Budapest Wholesale Market (Budapest Nagybani Piac) has launched a program called “Fresh from the Nagybani”. The program emphasizes those fruit and vegetable specialist shops that buys...

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The OMÉK opened on Wednesday

The Országos Mezőgazdasági és Élelmiszeripari Kiállítás és Vásár (National Agricultural and Food Industrial Exhibition and Fair) (OMÉK) opens on Wednesday. The event is a value creating festival for the city's...

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