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Coop Economic Group’s revenues rose last year

Despite the strong competition, the Coop Economic Group’s revenues increased from 560 billion HUF to 571 billion HUF last year: the group maintained its market position in 2015 – was...

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Fazekas: demand for pork increased

The traffic data and the customer interest has confirmed that the 27 to 5 percent VAT reduction on pig carcase meat was a right decision – the Minister of Agriculture...

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The Coop Store Chain is twenty-years-old

The Coop's success is a Hungarian success. The chain could become a dominant player in the Hungarian economy and could effectively picked to compete with the big international chains –...

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Pekó László was given Cooperative Order of Merit recognition

Pekó László was awarded an “OSZT Cooperative Order of Merit” recognition on the occasion of the International Co-operative Day. The National Cooperative Council recognized the outstanding work of the head...

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The Coop Group increased its revenues last year

The Coop Group reached 560 billion HUF revenues in 2014, compared to the 550 billion HUF of 2013 – the Co-op Hungary Zrt. announced on Wednesday after the company's general...

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Food donations for 7,095 special children

This year, the Coop Aid Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resources supports the nutrition of 7095 children who need special care across the country. Coop’s truck will...

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